Aromatic Oil Massage

What Are The Benefits of An Aromatic Oil Massage?

When you book an Aromatic Oil Massage at Relaxation Massage for Women in Kapiti you are in for a real treat!

Soft touching strokes and essential oils stimulate the well-being of your whole body. The aromatic oil massage is a modification of the classic massage and combines different elements for your pure relaxation.

My aromatic oil massage is pure pampering for all your sense. Your body is touched gently, essential oils and their different fragrances stimulate your well-being.

Essential oils increase the relaxation effect of your massage – and the aromatic oils stimulate your senses. You will experience different effects; it will feel relaxing, harmonizing and warming.

I apply the essential oils to your skin as a mixture with a base oil.

For example, I use Pure Baby Oil because it is the most soothing and prevents any adverse reactions of your skin. The fragrant plant extracts I add are a mix of Citrus from mandarin, orange, lemon, lime and lemon-grass which are known to have soothing and invigorating therapeutic efficacy.

Due to their fine molecular structure, the oils penetrate through the skin membrane into the bloodstream and tissue and can thus stimulate your whole body positively. The additional massage of your body relieves tension and relaxes your muscles.

The whole body massage stimulates the lymph flow.

Your aromatic oil massage can have a soothing and invigorating effect on you for up to one hour later. The lymphatic flow and detoxification brings about holistic relaxation for you.

Massages are among the oldest remedies to prevent or counteract a wide variety of ailments.

The use of aroma therapy has been around for thousands of years. Fragrant plant extracts were already used in times of high culture, for example in Egypt at the times of the Pharaohs.

The combination of massage and fragrance stimulation will allow you to experience sensual relaxation and lasting freedom from many symptoms of stress.

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