Ultimate Pamper Package

The Ultimate Pampering Massage

Wind down and refocus with the Ultimate Pampering Package.

Deeply relaxing background music puts you in a relaxed state of mind, as does the mild scents of the fragrance diffuser for your sensory pleasure.

Free your mind from your hectic everyday life.

Recharge your batteries or simply let yourself be pampered.

Treat yourself to a little break with the Ultimate Pampering Massage.

The head and neck massage will ground you, I will remove any blockages in this area with gentle soothing massage strokes. So that what should flow can flow again – and you get the perspective you want.

Just allow the stress flow out of you and simply enjoy the harmonizing full-body-massage movements with mildly fragranced lotion.

The gentle stroking movements of this pampering massage relax your body and relax your facial expression.

Omnoi’s pampering relaxation massage can be a profound experience that literally touches your core.

Drifting free of expectations, it is the ultimate relaxation that can open up new worlds of experience in safe company.

This creates space for an encounter with your own, deeply felt vitality.

I give particular importance to allowing your relaxation massage to take place in a pleasant, safe and protected atmosphere. With soothing scents, calm music and lots of time, I create a space in which you can let yourself go. You can book your Ultimate Pampering Package by calling me on 021 123 4459


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