The Miracle Of Massage

Why is massage so good for you?

My massages are a time out for your body, mind and soul.

Allowing yourself to be whisked away into complete relaxation with sensitive massaging hands is simply wonderful.

My gentle massage helps you relax, allows your mind to wander and get in touch with yourself.

These massages pamper and give you positive life energy, physical well-being and inner balance.

Then you feel like a new person.

What happens during a Relaxation Massage For Women in Kapiti?

Of course, the most important thing with my massage is that you feel comfortable, can relax and simply don’t have to think about anything.

However, there is a lot going on in your body.

The massages I give to you promote blood circulation in your muscles, skin, tendons and connective tissue and loosen those painful tensions you have been feeling lately.

Your metabolism gets going and your body throws out happiness and relaxation messengers, such as oxytocin and endorphins – those are your ‘Happy-Hormones’

Your muscles relax and your mind is soothed by the comforting warm feeling and the 100% attention I give you, so that your pain and tension disappears.

Another reason why my massages are so beneficial to you is that the energy pathways in the body are taken into account during your massage.

The harmonious circulation of your energy (Qi) is restored, tension is relieved and your stress is definitely reduced.

You can just let go and relax deeply.

I Simply Massage Away Your Stress

The constant hustle and bustle, noise and everyday stress lead to tension and blockages in your physical and mental energy.

No wonder you feel so terribly tired and drained all the time – because you suffer under the ever increasing demands from physical and mental overexertion!

Annoying head and neck pain, digestive problems, back pain, sleep problems, stress and burn-out are often the result you feel in your body.

Fortunately for you – my Relaxation Massages are real stress killers.

My gentle strokes and touches during the massage are pure balm for your body and soul.

Especially my gentle oil and aromatherapy massages are a perfect antidote to release your stress.

Warm, wonderfully scented massage oils and my sensitive touch give you well-being, relaxation and balance.

Massages And Sustainability – How Long Do The Benefits Last?

Unfortunately, the most beautiful massage comes to an end!

However, the good news is that my relaxation massages continue helping you even when they are over.

The wonderful ‘I-feel-perfect-feeling’ does not stop immediately after you leave my studio.

It will remain with you for a several hours and you can take it home with you.

For more lasting balance and to build up your resilience, it makes perfect sense that you let yourself be pampered regularly with soothing, relaxing massages.

Then everyday stress can hardly affect you anymore.

Simply stay relaxed and let yourself be pampered.

Why not call me now on 021 123 4459 and book your perfect relaxation session at Relaxation Massage for Women in Kapiti!