Reduce Your Stress If You Suffer From PMS, Menstrual Cramps and Period Pain

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Unfortunately, you cannot avoid the monthly period. Your skin may be irritated and prone to pimples.

Your breasts are tense; your legs are heavy. You have cramps in your stomach, headache and tiredness are often accompanied by nausea.

But not only your body suffers from the complaints of the period, your mind and soul has to go through a lot too, because depressive moods, irritability and sadness are common menstrual problems.

The menstrual cycle is a real torture for some women. I’m going to share what you need to know about PMS, pain during menstruation and other ailments. And I also have a few tips on what you can do about it.

Which menstrual cramps are normal?

The female cycle runs roughly in a 28-day rhythm, during which your body goes through different phases, which are accompanied by physical changes. Many menstrual symptoms are perceived as pain of varying intensity from woman to woman.

Only when the pain significantly restricts your everyday life, one speaks of pathological menstrual cramps that make medical treatment necessary. All other menstrual cramps are also troublesome, but luckily they can be dealt with quite easily on their own.

What are the causes of period pain?

During the period, the hormone prostaglandin is increasingly produced, which increases the sensitivity to pain. Other complaints such as headache, nausea or water retention are also due to hormonal changes and an often weakened blood circulation. In addition, the built-up uterine lining is shed by spasmodic contractions, causing the typical pain in the abdomen for many of those affected.

What is Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)?

PMS starts several days before your period and gets better when your period occurs. While the physical menstrual symptoms such as headaches and hot flashes are often easier to describe and localize, the psychological component of premenstrual syndrome is different.

Sudden melancholy, irritability up to severe depressive moods are also symptoms and are extremely stressful for those affected. Especially because others around you rarely grasp or even understand the reason for your suffering.

A lot of women suffer from PMS unnecessarily, because your lifestyle choices can worsen menstrual cramps.

The heaviness of PMS and menstrual cramps is not only related to your physical constitution, but also to your personal lifestyle.

Avoid addictive substances

Alcohol, nicotine, sugar and caffeine are known to be no good for your body. If you cut out these harmful foods and drinks as much as possible you will be physically better prepared for menstrual cramps.Reduce the Stress in your life!

Mental stress is proven to be one of the greatest causes of physical illness. Stress makes us weak, fragile and significantly more sensitive to pain.

So try to keep your personal stress level, before and during your menstrual period, as low as possible. Only you know how to do it best.

Whether you maintain your mental balance through sport, a hobby or maybe through meditation, alternative weekend activities or you need some soothing, relaxing music every now and then to calm down: What is good for your soul is also good for your body.

So: treat yourself to some TLC (tender loving care)!

Stress, lack of sleep, an unhealthy diet and a lack of physical exercise are often to blame for the symptoms being even worse than they already are. Stress of any kind not only makes your body more sensitive to pain, but also more prone to it.

But that also has a positive side: namely that your body can also become stronger and more resistant with a little care. Menstrual cramps cannot be completely prevented, but they can be alleviated and managed well with a few simple strategies. You find a lot more details on various tips to help you with ways to ease period pain in my presentations on my website:Radu Massage has An Analgesic Effect On Period Pain

5 More Tips To Help ease Your period pain , Radu Period Massage
Radu Massage for Period, Back and Stomach Pain

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It will relax and help you with your cramps. You do not need to suffer from stress, mood swings, irritability and tiredness during your period because a specialised massage can help ease the tension and stress you feel.

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