What Exactly Is A Pregnancy Massage?

When you have a pregnancy massage at my studio, you are having a very different, highly specialised massage which is especially designed to address your very unique circumstances as a pregnant woman.

My main goals are to completely relax you, relieve any aches or pains you might be experiencing, help reduce any stress you might be having, and leave you feeling happier, better adjusted, and most of all – totally relaxed and invigorated.

A pregnancy massage may involve the use of soothing massage oils and lotions to get you feeling relaxed and calm.

In addition to massage oils and lotions, I have some light, gentle relaxation music playing in the background to put you in a calm, chilled-out mood to start with.

In my massage studio I let enough natural light in to be comfortable, without the harsh sunlight annoying you. The semi-twilight of my studio allows you to relax and even fall into a slight snooze if you wish to. There are no noisy shops nearby, and you barely hear any traffic noise because we are in my very quiet sanctuary away from the usual hustle and bustle.

Most pregnant woman experience some muscle tension that they aren’t used to dealing with and it could be very uncomfortable during your pregnancy. You should inform me if you have any problems that might affect the massage so I can ensure you have the best possible relaxing experience with me.

When it comes to the type of technique that is used during a pregnancy massage there are a number of different types. Some common massage techniques for pregnancy are Swedish massage, shiatsu, hot stone massage, or deep tissue massage.

In addition, there are other techniques that can be used, including Thai massage, reflexology, deep tissue massage, aromatherapy, and acupressure, so it is important that you choose the right massage for you.

Some therapists use firm strokes, fast movements, deep pressure points, circular movements, kneading, stretching or squeezing, depending on the massage therapy type they learned and use on you.

I strongly believe the pregnancy massage you receive should be gentle and relaxing, so that you do not become stressed out, or even irritated.

Studying the best pregnancy massage styles, I have learned with different practitioners and schools both here and overseas.

As a result of my study and research I have developed a highly specialised technique I call ‘Radu Pregnancy Massage’.

I developed this new technique because I believe each woman is entirely unique when it comes to her body’s sensitivity in pregnancy.

The best type of pregnancy massage therapy that you receive should depend on your individual situation. For example, most of my pregnant women clients prefer soft strokes and gentle pressure – over the harsher methods listed previously.

My clients are definitely not interested to have their bodies kneaded, squeezed, poked, prodded, stretched or pushed hard when they are so highly sensitive to touch and feel because of their hormonal changes that come with pregnancy.

When you come to my studio I make sure I am familiar with your particular needs so that you can receive the best pregnancy massage possible. If you have any questions or concerns about your pregnancy massage, do not hesitate to ask me and I will address any of your concerns.

Please note that I will not give you a pregnancy massage in your first trimester (the first 3 months of your pregnancy), because in some rare cases this has resulted in complications and no one wants that. If you are unsure about whether to have a pregnancy massage, I advise you consult with your doctor or gynaecologist.

The goal of a massage for you when you are pregnant is not only to ease your aches and pains that you are feeling, but also to relax you and give you an opportunity to recover faster.

It is a natural soothing way to give you relief from physical stress and relieve you from emotional stress.

My pregnancy massage will give you relief from tension, help you sleep better, improve circulation and provide you with a deep, lasting sense of complete relaxation.

Some of my clients have told me it helps to relieve headaches, and of course it helps to relieve sore muscles.

Studies have shown that massage can remove toxins from your body and give you the opportunity to enjoy better blood circulation.

You can get on with your life again because a soothing relaxation massage for pregnancy alleviates stress-related aches and pains, and gives you the opportunity to feel rejuvenated.

You will feel so much better after a ‘Radu Pregnancy Massage’ at Relaxation Massage For Women in Kapiti.

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