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Why Radu Period Massage Helps With Your Menstrual Cramps

Hi, it’s Omnoi here from Relaxation Massage for Women in Kapiti.

Have you ever considered a nice, soothing ‘Radu Period Massage’ when you suffer from period pain?

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I have a number of girls and women who come to me regularly to get help with their period pain, because they want relief from the stress and discomfort that comes with periods.

In this Presentation I will share 5 science-based tips to help relieve menstrual cramps, discuss what works best, and explain my unique and exclusive ‘Radu Period Massage’ to alleviate menstrual cramps.

Cramps, abdominal and back pain – most of us experience this month after month when we have our period.

Some months are easier, others are unbearable!

Period pain is common worldwide, especially among younger women.

Around 71% of women under the age of 25 have period pains on a regular basis, which not only affects our well-being, but also productivity.

In addition to abdominal pain, we also suffer often from back pain and headaches as well as upset stomachs. Some of us regularly suffer from tiredness, irritability or mood swings.

Why do you actually get period pain?

To get a little bit scientific for a brief moment – during the cycle, the lining of the uterus is built up.

If a fertilized egg does not implant in the uterus after ovulation, the built-up uterine lining is not needed and is rejected. The uterine muscles contract again and again. This leads to cramping pain.

Before we look at the 5 best tips to relieve period pain, I need to quickly slot in an important Disclaimer:

The following information does not replace diagnosis, advice or treatment by a doctor. Never use our content to make independent diagnoses or to carry out treatments.

Contact a doctor or pharmacist in the event of illness or questions about medication and active ingredients.

Note: If you regularly experience extreme pain or heavy bleeding, if you have abdominal pain without bleeding or if you develop a fever, please consult your GP or gynaecologist.

1        Exercise against menstrual cramps

Most of us experience the contraction of muscles during our periods as uncomfortable to painful. Because of our muscle contractions, our uterus and our abdomen are poorly supplied with blood, which causes us pain. Studies have shown that if you exercise it can help you in relieving both the intensity and duration of your period pain.

This applies to both light physical activity during menstruation and regular exercise. If you exercise more often you can reduce your menstrual cramps. Even light physical activity during your period can help relieve pain. For example yoga, cycling, or a walk.

  1. For menstrual pain: change your diet

A study by BMC Women’s Health examined how diet affects menstrual pain. The researchers found that you have moderate to severe menstrual cramps 3 to 4 times more likely if you consume lots of sweet and salty snacks, desserts, coffee, salt, fruit juices, and added fats in snack foods. They suggested it is best that you follow a healthy, balanced diet full of fresh, natural foods to prevent cramps. You should also avoid alcohol and nicotine.

Magnesium and calcium are also supposed to be effective in helping against menstrual cramps or muscle cramps in general. Taking these supplements is usually considered to be harmless, since side effects rarely occur with both substances. However, if you overdose, you may experience stomach problems. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist about whether magnesium or calcium supplements are an option for you to relieve period pain.

  1. Warmth helps against abdominal pain

Whether a warm bath, hot water bottle, warm patch or a herbal pillow: Studies have shown that warmth works well against your period pain. Up to 50% of all women use this method regularly. The local heat releases cramps and relaxes your muscles, which relieves your abdominal pain. In addition, heat can promote blood flow to your pelvis, relieving stress on your nerve tracts.

  1. Help for menstrual pain: Acupressure

 Studies show that acupressure can help relieve menstrual cramps. The healing process may help in various ways, for example by having a promoting blood circulation and at the same time calming effect. Acupressure alone won’t make abdominal pain go away, but when combined with other period pain tips, it can work.

Acupressure means that you apply pressure to certain points on the body, for example with your thumb or the ball of your hand.

  1. Relieve menstrual pain with Radu Massages.

Scientific studies prove that specialist ‘Radu Massage’ is good for period pain.

The back and shoulders can be tense due to cramps in the abdomen. A soothing Radu Period Massage gives relaxation to your back and shoulders and will relax your muscles along the spine, reduce menstrual cramps and increase your general well-being.

I take great care to create peaceful space for rest and relaxation during your period massage because stress makes your period pain worse. The new innovative ‘Radu Period Massage’ contributes significantly to your relaxation.

Your organs get soothed through gentle, targeted treatment. I stimulate the flow of energy which influence your organs positively.

As you very well know yourself – every muscle and organ can only function optimally if good blood circulation is guaranteed. Your body’s own forces are mobilized via my especially created ‘Radu Period Massage ‘treatment and your self-healing will be initiated.

If you are deeply uncomfortable because you are suffering from period pain come and see me for a soothing ‘Radu Period Massage’ massage of 30 or 60 minutes.

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