What Is Special About A Pregnancy Massage?

A Pregnancy Massage is quite different from any of the traditional massages that you may know.

Firstly, your massage is performed very carefully, I only use very gentle massage techniques on you. My main focus is to relax your body and eliminate the stress you feel both physically and emotionally right now by lightly caressing and rubbing to relax your body.

The movements that I use are performed with relaxed hands, without the excessive effort and pressure that you may be used to from a Deep Tissue, Swedish, Thai or Sports Massage.

In your Pregnancy Massage I do quite the opposite so I completely exclude any heavy kneading and any vibrations you may feel come from gentle, flat light movements of my fingertips.

Secondly I recommend you lie on your side to reduce pressure from your abdomen (tummy).

In the last few weeks before the birth (after the 35th week of pregnancy), a massage of your buttocks is particularly helpful. Massaging this area helps to reduce swelling, relieve excessive loads on the back and joints, maintain good posture, relax, and prepare the skeletal and muscular system for childbirth. Naturally, I first ask your permission to massage your glutes.

Pregnancy massage can help to stabilise your hormone levels, promotes relaxation and can reduce or eliminate emotional stress.

You deserve to give your body and mind a break during this stressful time of pregnancy. Give me a call or text me on tel:0211234459 to arrange a time for your Pregnancy Massage.