What Is A Pregnancy Massage?

When you are pregnant you may suffer from pain, muscle tension and swelling as well as psychological stress during pregnancy. In addition, you may have to deal with Insomnia, Fear and Hormonal Changes.

Your body may not always cope well with the additional functions of a pregnancy assigned to it. In addition, the center of gravity of your body may shift slightly during your pregnancy, which can lead to the development of a curvature of the lower back and shoulders (i.e. lordosis), which often leads to pain in the lower back and muscle tension.

The prenatal massage that I do at Relaxation Massage for Woman in Kapiti helps to relax the muscles, improve blood circulation, relieve pain and just feels good.

In fact – if you have it regularly it is likely to help to avoid depression, insomnia and irritability. Blood congestion is eliminated, which reduces pain in your neck and back muscles. Thanks to my soothing and relaxing Pregnancy Massage you will find improvements after the first session of your pregnancy massage because you may experience:

  • The elasticity and strength of your skin is increased
  • Your Cells receive oxygen more and more
  • The risk of varicose veins is reduced

With a soothing, relaxing prenatal massage you will feel less excessive stress on your joints and your back, reduce swelling, maintain good posture, relax more and you will prepare your body for birth.

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