Gift Vouchers

The Prefect Present for your loved ones – Give Relaxation!

Our massage vouchers are the ideal gift for every occasion.

Whether as a Christmas Present, for Mother’s Day, Valentines Day or as a Birthday Present  – spoil your loved ones with moments of relaxation.


Massage Gift Vouchers are a:

  • Perfect last minute gift
  • Affordable luxury for friends & family
  • Available for direct download via email


It is the perfect gift for any occasion

Our vouchers can be conveniently purchased online. Either you call us on tel:0211234459, come by and buy the voucher directly from my studio in Paraparaumu, or you simply order it online by sending me an email to . You can make someone happy with this unique gift for as little as $40.

Perfect as a gift – for example for:

  • Christmas
  • Birthday
  • Mother’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day

Giving away a massage voucher: This is what you should know about the popular gift

Whether for Christmas, a birthday or as a small gift: a voucher for a massage is well received by your loved ones. It is an “experience gift” of a special kind, which provides rest and relaxation.

What are the special Benefits and Advantages of a massage voucher?

A massage gift is often a positive surprise: Anyone who feels stressed in everyday life or longs for a break will be happy about a soothing, calming experience for their body and soul. The special feature: your loved one enjoys the massage at the time of their choice – and looks forward to a healthy and pleasant surprise. The whole process is also uncomplicated for you. Massage vouchers are available online. You order it, pay for it and get sent the voucher file. You then print out the voucher. That means: If you are looking for a last-minute gift at short notice, you will receive an uncomplicated massage gift that is available almost instantly.

Benefits of a massage voucher

Anyone who receives a massage does something good for their immune system, their soul and their well-being. The gift has at least five advantages that friends, family, colleagues or partners can look forward to. *

  1. Massages support your immune system

A soothing massage can help to strengthen the immune system in the long term. Treating yourself to a regular massage stimulates your skin and muscles. In this way, the body releases oxytocin and other endorphins during a massage – these are hormones that contribute to your general and physical well-being. All your internal organs benefit because movements and pressure promote blood circulation. Studies also show that a massage treatment reduces the stress hormones in our body. A massage can also have a positive influence on the perception of pain.

  1. Enjoy wellness for your hair and skin

A voucher for a massage means a boon for your visual appearance. The reason for this is you feel relaxed and happy, you glow. The massage therapists kneading and stroking hands promote lymphatic drainage, which improves lymphatic fluid transport. This means: toxins are removed effortlessly from your cells. Improved circulation can help keep your skin glowing — and hair feeling healthy and smooth.

  1. Improve your sleep quality

Anyone who has ever had a massage treatment knows the effect – especially on sleep. A restful sleep is rare in our hectic everyday lives. Gentle touches and practiced stroking techniques help to relax your body and mind. This makes it easier for you to switch off – and fall into a relaxed sleep.

  1. Reduce stress

Whether it’s stressful work or a private crisis – in both cases we feel overwhelmed and exhausted by the challenging situation. If you give a massage as a gift you help your loved one escape from all tension for a moment and recharge their batteries in order to face the challenges of life in a more relaxed manner. In this way, the “wellness and spa” experience helps to recharge their batteries and they may find a better way of dealing with stressful situations.

  1. Enjoy the experience with touch and closeness

Professional massage therapists offer a service that satisfies the human longing for touch – because skin contact and gentle massages create tactile stimuli that release the hormone oxytocin. You know this hormone as the “cuddle hormone”, which is known for reducing anxiety and stress. With a massage voucher you are not just giving away a material “thing”, but an experience to increase mental well-being and create a real moment of happiness for your loved one.

How long are massage vouchers valid?

As a rule, each voucher has a validity period of 1 year from the date it was issued.

Tip: Sometimes gift vouchers are left to “gather dust in a corner” for a long time – without bad intentions. So it often happens that we simply forget about an experience gift and the deadline slowly but surely passes. It’s best to make a note of the deadline – and remind your loved ones after a while that a special experience is still waiting for them. In this way you ensure that the massage gift will give the recipient a pleasure as soon as possible and that the voucher will not sadly go unused.

How much does a Massage Voucher from Relaxation Massage for Women in Kapiti cost?

For maximum flexibility, you can choose the value of the voucher yourself. Massage Voucher fees are set by length of appointments, which are typically 30, 40 or  60 minutes.

The Massage Vouchers cost $40 for 30 minutes, $50 for 40 minutes and our most popular one is the 60 minutes Massage Voucher for $70

Massage Voucher: How do I get the gift?

There are 2 convenient ways that you can purchase a Gift Voucher for a massage.

Either you CALL US on tel:0211234459, swing by and pick up the voucher directly from my studio in Paraparaumu, or you simply order it online via email.

If you order by email I will send you my bank account details, you complete the payment process via your mobile phone banking app and as soon as your payment hits my account I email you back the Gift Voucher as an attachment which you can conveniently print out and give to your loved one. You can email me at

When is a Massage Voucher suitable as a Gift?

The advantage of a massage voucher is that it serves as a “universal gift”, suitable for every occasion. That means: You can give away a massage for Christmas, a birthday, for Mother’s Day, as a thoughtful gift for a stressed colleague or an overwhelmed mother-to-be. A voucher for your loved one is also a suitable gift for an anniversary or Valentine’s Day. Massages stand for relaxation and stress reduction – and thus form the perfect gift for many life situations in which we long for a well-deserved break.

For whatever reason you give away a massage: A special feature of the voucher is that it has no “material value”, its not just any odd thing – but offers an experience. Your loved ones are happy and grateful about the benefits for their body and soul. Plus: Experiences leave a lasting memory; it is a gift that is appreciated deeply.

What else do I need to know about massage vouchers?

Although a massage voucher is a beneficial gift, the special gift does not replace medical treatment. If you want to make a friend, your partner or a relative happy, it is important to point this out. Especially in the case of long-lasting complaints and inner tension that can be traced back to serious physical and psychological causes, you should only consider a massage as a supplementary element that contributes to relaxation. Because: If you treat yourself to a massage regularly, you can improve your overall quality of life and find a ritual to escape the stressful everyday life.

* By the way: If you buy a gift voucher from us, it is exclusively for a relaxation massage.

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