Body & Mind Relaxation

How can Relaxation Massage for Women in Kapiti help with relaxing your mind and spirit?

The philosophical foundation of Relaxation Massage is based on the concept of energy lines running through your body.

Life energy (called Prana) is absorbed with the air you breathe and with the food you eat. A network of energy lines, the Prana Nadis, supplies you with this vital energy.

Disturbances in the flow of your energy result in an insufficient supply of Prana, which can in turn lead to you getting sick.

Gentle massaging of these lines and points makes it possible to relieve pain.

While I’m working on your energy lines with massage I may break the blocks, stimulate the free flow of Prana, and help to restore your general well-being.

Relaxation Massage will normally involve most of your major muscle groups, but you can request special care be taken with particular trouble spots or areas of pain to be manipulated.

The immediate benefits of a soothing Relaxation Massage for you are the ability to concentrate better and have increased energy.

The relaxation of your body spills over into a deep relaxation of your mind, which aids to achieve the balance between your mind, body and spirit.

Naturally, I encourage you to be actively involved in the process and your feedback is a valuable part of each session.

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